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I am assuming that most of you heard about the good deals in nomorerack already. At first, i really thought that this site is up to no good because some people are saying that the store is fake and etc. But i found out myself that indeed we can get some good deals from the store and it’s not true that this site is fake. It was actually my friend who bought something there first and got her purchase no problem. They shipped it in time and she was very happy with it, not to mention the awesome deal she got instead of getting it for a regular price.

Shopping online can sometimes be scary, and you all know why. Some of it are just hoax. Either they try to hack your bank account or they will get money from you and won’t send the product you are purchasing. That’s why i am very careful when it comes to online shopping, that way, i won’t encounter some sites that are up to bad intentions. So, if you are looking for some good deals, you would not waste your time if you go to this store since they have pretty awesome deals that you might get interested of.


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  1. Shydub Says:

    I’m a nomorerack shopper mommy darlene and i can attest that their site is legit. It may take a long while before your item to get delivered but rest assured that it will get there in couple more weeks of waiting. They always have great deals daily.

  2. Bless Says:

    Love their deals. I am waiting for my purchase from them posted this past week :-) Another shopping site for me to check out for great deals :-)

  3. Team@nomorerack Says:

    Hello Utah Mommy,

    Samuel here from the Customer Relations team. Always here to help!

    We thank you for your positive review about Nomorerack. It is our continuous desire to provide an excellent experience to our consumers through delivery of products at too good to be true prices and an excellent customer service. Please feel free to reach out to us at in case we can be of any assistance.

    We take pride in our customer service levels. Our team is available around the clock and we are always here to help. Customer satisfaction is our main goal, and we go the extra mile to ensure our customers are happy.



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